Meet The Team



What is Only Charged Dubs?

Here at Only Charged Dubs, we specialise in all things Air Suspension. From full Air Suspension Packs to Air Management, to fresh Fittings. We’ve got your back! As well as sourcing and stocking everything you need for a full Air Suspension set up, we can install it for you too! We are professionals in installing Air Suspension packs, wiring in Air Management Systems, and crafting custom Boot Builds for all budgets.

Air Suspension not your thing? We also stock and install a range of Static Suspension. Need a Repair or a Service, a G-Lader Rebuild or some fresh tyres fitted? We can do that for you too!

OCD started out over 10 years ago now, founded by Matt, who began by offering VW G-Lader Charger servicing from his mum’s garage at home alongside his full-time job at Volkswagen. The garage was quickly outgrown, and Matt ditched his ‘day job’, soon to be working from his unit in Kirk Sandall, delving into the world of Air Suspension and having his life and work partner, Holly, join him on the journey.

Fast forward a few years we are now one of the most trusted Air Suspension Suppliers and Fitters in the UK, and proud owners of our very own Air Suspension Brand: BAGS Suspension.

Our Ethics:

In the Air Suspension market, it’s quite possible for ‘just anyone’ to decide they can install Air Suspension to a vehicle, jobs can be rushed, and parts can be installed incorrectly. This is why at OCD we take pride in our skills and professionalism within our projects.

If a job is worth doing, do it right: At OCD we feel that all jobs should be carried out correctly, first time, every time. We would never produce something for a customer that we would not be happy with ourselves, and therefore we never have any work returned to us, and always have happy customers. An example of this is in our Mercedes Air Suspension kits, we have gone above and beyond to develop these kits to ensure they fit and perform to a high standard, something that is very rare in Air Suspension for classic Mercedes vehicles.

Options for every budget: We understand that not everyone has unlimited funds to spend on their build. So, we offer multiple ‘levels’ of install for you to choose from. The quality of service is consistent from the basic option all the way through to premium so regardless of your boot install budget, your Air Suspension set up will be installed to the highest quality. So, whether you choose to have all of your components hidden, the boldest boot build around or somewhere in between, you can trust that your Air Suspension set up is safe, reliable and long lasting.

Check out our Air Installation Webpage for more information.

Customers first: We know that every business will say that they put their customers first, but when we say it, we mean that every job we carry out throughout our day is in the interest of the customer. From fitting parts to customers cars, to packing your orders, to generating new entertaining content, it’s all for you. We see our customers and our followers as our friends, and there’s no better feeling than knowing that lots of people see us as their pals too. Even if you aren’t a paying customer, we go above and beyond to ensure we are welcoming to everyone we come across along our journey.

Family:  Sounds cringe we know, but OCD’s team is a family. We couldn’t ask for a better little group of people to be on this journey with together, and this is one of the reasons OCD continues to thrive every day. Without each and every one of our team members, we wouldn’t be able to produce the quality of work that we do.

Our Team:



The man, the myth, the legend. Matt is the owner and founder of OCD. The boss man. Matt founded OCD in 2012 back when he was just a boy, specialising in the G-Lader chargers on the older more classic VWs on the side, whilst being a fully trained technician for a local VW dealership. 

He then branched out into air suspension shortly after, when a friend asked him for help installing their kit. This sparked a whole new field of interest, and the decision was made to leave VW for good and start his own venture in both markets. And here we are, 10 years on! 

Matt is our only technician running the workshop here at OCD and personally installs all our air suspension single-handedly, so it’s done and done properly to a level of quality we’re satisfied with. Matt splits himself (where possible!) between the workshop and the office, to help with customer relations and big boss admin duties.



Where would OCD be without Holly? We don’t want to know! Holly has worked alongside Matt since he founded OCD, starting with little jobs on the side and quickly became full time office manager, and business partner. Without Holly, our website wouldn’t exist, and the fittings wall would be chaos, that’s for sure. 

If you’ve ever sent a message or an email to OCD, you’ve more than likely spoken to Holly, and will know she’s an absolute wiz when it comes to customer service. She knows everything there is to know about Air Suspension and there really is no question she wouldn’t be able to answer. 

Holly also has her creative side and is really helpful when coming up with ideas for content and merchandise. She just seems to be good at everything, the perfect manager.



Carl is our in-house carpenter and general “Jack of All Trades” go-to guy. Carl specialises in the boot install work and his time is mostly spent drawing up the designs, prepping and creating masterpieces for your project cars! Carl has been with us since the beginning of OCD with Matt and is yet to skip a beat.

His latest toy in the workshop has been our Laser Etcher/Cutter and he’s in his element, drawing and creating awhole new level of parts, accessories and boot install components to add that fully custom “finesse”to your projects! 

He is an absolute wonder-wizard when it comes to what he can achieve with a little bit of wood, some OEM standard carpet trim and a few precision bent hardlines. Carl is as OCD as the rest of us and there is pretty much nothing he can’t do.



Chloe is our teeny tiny Graphic Designer and has passed her degree this year! *applause* Chloe is the proud runner of OCD’s Demo Car and has had the pleasure of designing the install layout in the boot. She’s a clever bean! 

Chloe started work for OCD a couple of years ago and has brought many fresh and new ideas to the table, including the ever-popular OCD & BAGS t-shirt designs, various new products, and stickers etc. Most recently designing and producing the Yorkshire Tea giveaways in our orders!

Ever had a post shared on our OCD page? Chloe is the one to thank! She follows up with all our existing customers to gather photos and share your project cars!



Peach is our workshop dog and beloved daughter of Matt & Holly. She has been here for just over a year now and still thinks everyone that visits the shop is here just for her! (Although maybe she’s right?!) Peach is a Husky crossed with a British Bulldog and was 3 years old in August 2023. She has the clever head and singing voice of a husky, but the bold stubbornness and wrinkles of a bulldog. She was rescued and brought home to OCD for a much better life playing with cars!

Peach helps at OCD by welcoming all customers with a fuss, further customer relations and occasionally packing orders. Although the latter mainly consists of laying in the sunny window in the stores area. Her hobbies are quickly falling asleep on the workshop kneeling mats, eating almost anything, and barking in her sleep from her office bed when you least expect it.