We offer top class tyre fitting at Only Charged Dubs. Being enthusiasts too, we know how worrying it is handing over your freshly built wheels for tyres mounting. How painful it can be if they get miss handled & damaged!!!
We take pride in our tyre fitting & balancing skills, as such we are pleased to offer this service to you.


Using our Automotech tyre fitting & wheel balancing machines, we can fit tyres on wheels from 12" up to 24" diameter.
Our tyre fitting machine features powerful pneumatic assist arms, meaning there is no prying or forcing of tyres by the operator. Once the tyre is soaped & set, the machine rolls the tyre on automatically. Padded jaws ensure the wheel is clamped tight, but without any marking being caused.


Our tyre balancer uses a hub mount fix to hold your wheel, again with no chance of marking. We can balance up to 26" wheels on this machine. Using stainless or black coated self adhesive wheel weights, only mounted to the inner barrel, means you won't have any unsightly weights visible.


With the use of cheater bead blasters, we have no struggle with fitment of tyres to any width wheel! 


We are also able to supply a range of tyres from all popular brands, Continental, Michelin, Bridgestone, Toyo, Nankang & many more. As well as a range of reliable, budget brand tyres.

If you would like to enquire about having your tyres installed by our technicians, please use the form below to arrange a booking day & time.
If you would like a quote on tyres too, please let us know what size & brand you are looking for.