This is here as a guide only, with an idea to walk you through what to look out for and take notes of our advice when shopping for your new suspension. We are aware that everyone shops differently, so take from this what will ultimately help you the in best way!

We have tried to keep this as unbiased as we can and advise you from our experience only.

It is important to “shop around” and obtain quotes from various reputable shops to compare. As you would buying a new car or shopping for the best deals etc. You would never opt for the first deal you were introduced to in any other case!

To modify your suspension, this is one of the most expensive, vast and intrusive changes you can make to your project car. So, it’s vital this is done with as much confidence and knowledge as possible.

It is imperative to ensure that the dealers you are shopping with are authorised dealers of the brands they are offering. You can check this by directly contacting the manufacturer themselves (eg. Air Lift/TA Technix) and the manufacturer will confirm the dealer is registered and covered by their warranty. Most main suppliers have a "Dealers List" on their websites or Social Media pages. 

If this is overlooked and you purchase from an unauthorised dealer, this could mean that your manufactures warranty is not valid once you have purchased your kit. It may also mean you do not hold the right to return your goods or that you may not be purchasing genuine goods. So definitely worth a quick check! 

It is paramount that you trust the shop you order from and have the confidence that should you have any questions or queries following post-purchase, that the shop will assist and conclude your matter for you, without quibble!

When assessing your quotes altogether, make sure you know what is included in the prices you have been given. Some shops sell these suspension kits differently to others. So, make sure you have a break down of each from the shops so that it is clear to you what you are getting for your money.

ie. - Are you getting all four dampers and four bags? Are you getting a full management pack with a tank and compressor included? Is this everything I would need to install it - no hidden extras or surprises once my car is off the road or booked in for work! 

Please also note that some shops will leave items like rear shocks out of a quote, unless you specifically ask for rear shocks to be included. Especially on those platforms where the rear shock and spring are mounted separately on the factory suspension. We've seen this catch people out before, so do ensure that rear shocks are included in any prices you obtain. Your standard rear shocks won't be all that compatible with the new drop on your rear air bags and won't go low enough, as they have restricted damper travel to work with the factory spring only.

Some shops create “packs” which are pre-bundled products that include the suspension AND a management pack together. Some shops will sell suspension and management SEPARATELY. Again, something else to consider when getting quotes together. 

Your quote from OCD will be set out separately. We quote this way to give the customer full reign over what suits you best. It’s no more expensive to order this way, it’s just easier for you to mix and match to suit you and better control the cost of it all!

Your quote from OCD will include all you need to “plug in and play” with all our management packs, unless you ask otherwise. We will offer everything you need, as standard, although there are optional upgrades available – which will be explained in the quote reply.

If you are purchasing components second hand, you must make sure you ask where the kit originated from and again, check that the shop is or was an authorised dealer at the time of the original purchase of the kit.

You must also ensure that the management pack is photographed and displayed in its current form, especially if it has been removed from the old car. This will give you a great idea, not just of the condition of the items, but also a  clearer picture on what will be included or of any parts that may not included in the sale, so you can budget for replacing any missing parts. A full layout photo is a must! It's also a great idea to look at the install manuals prior to purchase, this gives you a good insight in to what is required to install the kits, level of expertise and understanding etc. A good way to gauge what is required and what parts are needed too. 

***Please note that when buying pre-owned or second hand AirLift 3P or 3H management systems, this voids the Limited LifeTime Warranty Policy. AirLift do not allow for the warranty policy to transfer between owners and will leave you stuck if anything happens or faults on the parts once you've purchased it. AirLift do not supply any parts for these kits to any other store or shop, so it's exclusively AirLift who repair the faults. This is to ensure that all warranty claims are fully audited. Therefore, if you have a pre-owned kit, the warranty will not cover it, nor will there be any option to have the repairs done privately, due to the restriction on spare parts. Please do take this in to consideration pre-purchase. 

Same applies with any second hand suspension, always ask for a full history, age of the parts, and for a photo of the full kit laid out. Do ensure that you know the “port size” or "NPT size" of the bags by asking the seller. This will give you the size you need for your new airline fittings. We would recommend replacing these fittings upon installing to your car, just to ensure you get a fresh air tight seal.

It is imperative to obtain the sellers word that all parts were in working order prior to being removed from the last vehicle. This way, you have a promise that all parts you receive should be in the same condition. If not, you may be able to claim your money back, return the faulty goods for refund, or claim via a small claims court in the most extreme measures. 

We have a wide range of fittings you can purchase separately on our online store. Should you need any help with what you might need, just give our sales team a shout on the Contact Page here, and we will help you find the right combination or size for your new kit!

It may also be worth asking for part numbers of any suspension advertised, just to check that these are compatible with your chassis/platform prior to any purchase. You can always ask us if you are not sure too!

We have seen some second hand kits being sold online that have been further modified by the owners to make them fit a chassis it wasn’t originally made for. This is definitely worth checking with the seller before purchasing. Some owners chop and weld the suspension kits to force them to fit other models and we do not recommend this at all. It can also void your warranty! So make sure of this before diving in head first!

Should you be installing a kit yourself and not have the manual from the seller, check on our website under "FAQs, Tech & Help Pages" -> "Tech Guides/Manuals". Most are available to download as PDF online! If you’re struggling to find what you're looking for, drop us an email and we can reply with an attachment to help you!

Should you have ANY other doubt or need a professional eye on something, we are here to help! We hate seeing buyers get ripped off, let down, or getting in to a sale that then requires plenty of replacement parts that you didn’t expect beforehand. So we would much rather you get advice from us first and not have to suffer afterwards! All enquiries or those asking for us to look over photos or listings are 100% free free free, so don’t be put off asking us!

If there is anything you feel we have missed on this section or if you have any questions about the content, just give us a shout via our Contact Page