KNTRL Touchscreen System

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KNTRL Touchscreen Management System

The newest air management system on the market, exclusive to Only Charged Dubs in the UK.
KNTRL uses a pressure preset control, with full 4 corner operation. Sensitive touchscreen controller brings a sleek design with customisable colours, for background & text.
With 5 programmable presets & a dedicated 'air out' your ride heights will auto level at the touch of a button. Monitored airbag pressure ensures you stay at your ride height.
KNTRL also offers easy Front & Rear axle up & down control and individual 4 Corner up & down.
Featuring Rise on Start, bringing you up to drive height in seconds once your engine is running.

Unique to KNTRL is it's precision & speed feature, allowing uses to control preset accuracy with a pressure controlled system for the first time ever. Removing the awkward 'tweaking' commonly associated with pressure based systems used on lighter vehicles or smaller air bags.
Also using a standalone valve manifold & pressure sensors allows for easy maintenance should a valve stick. Or part replacement should a pressure sensor fail.

KNTRL was created by Peter Kornelis for his Audi S4 Avant. Then wanted by his friends he brought it into production. KNTRL is a small business and aimed at customer service. Warranty is an open 12 month, should a part fail out of original warranty we will still be open to replacing parts with customer help & understanding.

Features -

  • 5 user programmable preset ride heights
  • Dedicated, one touch 'air out' button
  • Rise on Start
  • Sensitive touchscreen controller
  • On screen airbag pressure displays
  • Customisable screen & text colour & brightness
  • Pressure precision & speed control

KNTRL Air Management System Includes - 

  • Touchscreen controller
  • ECU
  • 5 Digital pressure sensors - 4 Corners / 1 Tank
  • Free AirByOCD sticker

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