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Blacked AirLift Manifold Airline Support

When mounting your manifold in a tight spot, routing of the airlines can cause leaks if the lines don't run smoothly into your manifold. The air line holder from Blacked, for both the AirLift V2 & 3P/3H manifolds cures this problem.Simply slide over...


Blacked PTC Fitting Clip - Pack of 10

Having issues getting your airlines to seal in the PTC fittings? These fitting clips click between the fitting & the grey locking collar on SMC fittings. Holding out the grey collar, which keeps the teeth engaged in the line & securing it tightly...

TXD Dsgn

TXD Dsgn 3/8" Bulkhead Cover

£9.00 - £10.00
TXD DSGN Bulkhead Covers - Only available in 3/8" Exclusive to OCD and TXD DSGN - Bulkhead covers are designed to work with the SMC Brass Bulkhead. They are the prefect finish to any upgraded install for that seamless high-end set-up!  The covers...
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Viair Safety / Pressure Release Valve

This safety valve will automatically release air from your tank if the pressure surpasses the rating of the safety valve (175 PSI, 200 PSI or 250 PSI). A safety valve can also be used to conveniently relieve pressure from your tank by pulling the pin...

AN8 to NPT OB2 Compressor Adapter

£7.30 - £11.00
Threaded Fitting - AN8 to NPT OB2 Compressor Adapter If you have an Air Zenith OB2 compressor and want to step the leader line down to 3/8"NPT or 1/4"NPT (instead of using the supplied 1/2"npt fitting) then this AN to NPT adapter is for you! Available...

Only Charged Dubs

OCD Universal Height Level Sensor Brackets - Pair

OCD Universal Height Level Sensor Brackets - Pair These universal sensor brackets are designed to make life alot easier when installing height sensors These can be cut down, bent to give the perfect angle to mount the sensor in tight spaces Designed...


PTC Push To Connect - Manifold Cartridge

£6.75 - £7.75
PTC Push To Connect - Manifold Cartridge Have a damaged PTC end on your manifold? Leaking PTC? No sweat, we got you covered with replacement Manifold Cartridge!  Cartridges are sold individually.  Compatible with 1/4" or 3/8" Air Lift...

Only Charged Dubs

Manifold Repair Service

£24.00 - £66.00
Only Charged Dubs Manifold Repair Service - Please Read Terms Below. This service is only available on the manifolds listed in the drop down box above and only applies to the PTC Ports on the external walls of the manifolds. *Note - We cannot...