Air Suspension is an aftermarket option to OEM suspension or coil-overs/static suspension.

This type of suspension uses air bags (also known as air springs) on each corner to completely swap out the coil springs you’re used to. These bags are controlled by what is known as an "Air Management System". This controls the flow of air in and out of the bags, creating the up and down motion the system shows!

Most air bags on the market are great at mimicking the performance and handling of what would have been springs. 

The systems have come a long long way since they were first introduced to the car modification community! The kits and products used are much more reliable, researched and of higher quality than they used to be! The kits are now are retailed as platform-specific kits, so no more vague ill fitting universal kits that require you to chop up the chassis anymore! Those old enough to remember will know the struggle! Needless to say, that those times are far behind us now!  

Here at OCD, we only retail quality kits that we have trialled and tested ourselves. We only sell those kits that we would happily install on our own cars. So, rest assured that all products and brands we retail on our website has 100% made that cut! 

As with most markets, the products come in a range of specifications and technology uses, therefore placing different products in the ranges of budget to mid-range to high-end. With this guide, we hope to lay all options and products out clearly, with information on each to help with your research in to Air Suspension!

(Please note that not all brands and specification will be available on each kit. These features are purely dependant on platform.) 

What you will need to note in this section is how these differing kits will run on your project.

Whether your project will be a daily runner or a seasonal show-er!

These aspects will all effect how you shop and pick your suspension!

So, for instance, if you plan on changing your wheels regularly, you would probably want to stay away from “fixed” kits, as you will have better adjust-ability on those kits offering camber and height on the “adjustable” kits. This will better suit you to fit new wheels and create a better stance between them.


All brands we retail are different and offer various levels of spec on their kits respectively. See below write ups on who they are and what they are to offer!:



TA Technix are a German based company specialising in all things AutoSport!

They provide their own brand of Air Suspension and their kits are available in a Fixed Dampening option, Threaded Body option or Adjustable Dampening option.

The Fixed Dampening option is their “Budget” option. Don’t let this scare you away from this being a potential for your project though! With TA Technix bringing their German Engineering skills to the table, the quality is up there without a hefty price tag. You get a lot for your money without a doubt! "Fixed Dampening" means that you cannot adjust the softness/stiffness of the damper rebound. Although, the fixed option doesn’t mean the ride of this kit will be uncomfortable! The hub mounts on these kit are commonly non-threaded and these will be without the option of a camber adjustable top mount too. 

TA Technix "Threaded Body" option features the option of a longer or shorter shock body, allowing for a more precise height adjustment to match your stance ideas. This is the equivalent to their Mid-Range option, but again, you're still getting a lot for your money!

TA Technix "Adjustable" option is the opposite to the Fixed option. This High-End option allows for adjustable dampening with a adjuster knob to change the ride quality from softer-stiffer. This is done by controlling the rebound of the damper to better perfect your ride preferences! These kits commonly include camber adjustable front top mounts too. 

Each TA Technix kit is sold as a platform specific kit and carries a 12 months manufacturers warranty, as standard.

(The below image is for illustrative purposes only - VW Golf Mk7 Fixed Dampening TA Technix Suspension Pack) 





 AirLift are a manufacturer based in the USA and started out with air suspension on trucks! They later saw the opportunity in growth in the modification market and grew from there! They are without doubt one of the most well-known brands on the market. 

 This is AirLift’s "Budget" range. Most Slam Series kits feature fixed dampening and fixed top mounts. This is a reliable kit when fitted platform specific and great for those just wanting a cheaper but brand known kit!

 AirLift kits come with a standard 12 months warranty and plenty of serviceable parts are available for replacement too!

(The below image is for illustrative purposes only - VW Golf Mk5 Slam Series Suspension Pack) 

VAG Mk5/6 AWD AirLift Slam Suspension Pack



This is AirLift’s "Highest-End" suspension range. The Performance kit is sought after amongst those in the market and has a good list of spec!

The Performance range features 30-point adjustable dampening, threaded shock bodies and camber adjustable top mounts (where applicable). Many more custom settings than those Fixed options!

AirLift kits come with a standard 12 months warranty and plenty of serviceable parts are available for replacement too!

(The below image is for illustrative purposes only - VW Golf Mk7 AirLift Performance Suspension Pack

VAG Mk7 FWD 55mm & Independent Rear Suspension AirLift Performance Suspension Pack


BAGS By OCD is our own brand and exclusive to Only Charged Dubs!

This range has been designed to be a higher quality of the "Bag-over-Coil" adaption that is available on the market. We wanted to create something of higher quality, more reliable and long lasting!

We simply combine our BAGS air bag range to well-known the BC Racing Coilovers. Our BAGS are fabricated by the same factories that other "leading brands" use and the BC Strut is used widely throughout the air suspension market.

This kit offers high quality products to match those bigger brands, but at a better price and especially where there are no "off the shelf" options available.

These kits offer a full and brand new BC racing coilover kit, which comes standard with the 30 point adjustable damping, threaded bodies, camber adjustable top mounts (where applicable), adjustable rear shocks, great quality ride and easy to replace parts and structure for DIY servicing! All the spec, performance and drop of a leading brand kit, without the "brand" tax applied too!

We also retain the BC springs kit and this is included too, should you ever want to put the car back to static or sell everything on in future. 

We also sell our BAGS separately to the BC shocks, in case you are already static and running BC Coilovers. This means you can adapt any existing kit to air with one simple purchase!

Another huge plus point is that our BAGS range is universal to the BC Dampers. This means that should you wish to sell your car on, you can sell it static by reinstalling the springs kit and retaining your BAGS themselves and any management system you have. This way, if you want another project, all you will need is a new BC Coilover Kit and you can re-use your BAGS! Making your new project much cheaper to convert to Air Suspension!

A standard 12 month warranty is included on the BAGSxBC kit and all hardware is included. At OCD we offer our full support via our highly experienced technicians, always on hand to help with your suspension, even when it’s not so new anymore!

(The below image is for illustrative purposes only - VW Golf Mk5 Slam Series Suspension Pack)

VAG Mk5/6 BAGS by OCD Suspension Pack


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- Please note that the above brands detailed are all manufacturers that we are authorised dealers for. There are other available brands and kits on the market of Air Suspension as a whole, however we only retail the above brands.
- Please consider our Guide To Purchasing Air Suspension page for more info on where to start and what to look for!