Here at Only Charged Dubs our main focus is forced induction, particularly the G60 and G40 engines. We specialise in G - Lader rebuilds offering a standard supercharger rebuild service as well as 3 stages of performance rebuilds. On all our rebuilds we only use top quality parts - FAG bearings, Viton oil seals, Ensinger Apex strips, new circlips, stainless bolts and Kluber grease - ensuring the best possible reliability, service life and performance for all our customers.

Supercharger Rebuild Service - G60 & G40

With the G-Lader becoming more and more of a classic piece of automobile history, here at OCD we remain proud to be one of a handful of shops across the world still offering reliable & reputable maintenance of these icons.

We know choosing a shop to carry out work on your G-Lader can be daunting, so we aim to offer the most complete service we can. Time has now come where we are looking to update our services to follow with the G-Laders were are looking after.

From years of experience we have constantly looked to keep our parts & skills used to the best quality. Alongside this we have seen changes in G-Lader health & conditions, we feel it's time to alter our services to represent this.

We will be removing many of our porting services. Through experience, testing & your customer feedback we are seeing less and less needs for exhaust case porting. Giving varied results with actual gains as well further risks of weakening already old cases, we have taken the choice to remove these services. 
Moving forward we will be offering our regular Standard Rebuild service, with the option to port the Intermeditate Shaft airways. One thing we have proven to prolong the life of the only sealed (no oil feed) bearings in the chargers. 

As well as this, we are removing the mileage timescale for rebuilds, many customers doing nowhere near the mileage many shops in the past advised. VW never gave any service scheduling for the G-Lader and we're seeing oil seal failures more common, simply from lack of use on the roads.

If you have recently bought a charger that's been stood, or are restarting your G40/G60 vehicle after being stood, or carrying out other works. We are strongly advising an inspection, with probable rebuild advised. To try and prevent oil seal failure, which can quickly lead to much worse G-Lader failures.

Pricing of our rebuilds has unfortunately had to change, to reflect cost of parts used. We have tried to hold off from doing this as long as possible, but now with difficulties purchasing the G60 displacer bearing, with it being specific to this use, it is the only bearing that is very difficult to find & can cost around 10x that of all the other bearings in the G-Lader.
We have taken the decision to now split our G40 & G60 rebuild prices. As the costs for each charger are no longer similar, we believe the rebuild costs should mirror this.
We have also been battling the GBP £ value drop, since the UK voted to leave the EU. This again has had to be taken into account of our parts pricing as many parts come from within the EU. Pricing will be reviewed again when we know for certain the trade deal between the UK & EU to help prevent any overnight increases in prices.

OCD would like to thank each G-Lader owner for choosing OCD for their rebuild & custom with service and maintenance parts for their vehicle. We aim to provide our services for years to come. Thanks for your support.

Please see below for our new service options.

Standard Rebuild

This is the basic service we advise doing routinely.

We advise doing this every 2-4 years if your G-Lader sees regular use, depending upon internal wear. Displacer & casing conditions.
We'd advise every 2 years if you G-Lader sees minimal use, shows only. This is due to oil seal ageing and degradation due to lack of use, ie being stood. 

The charger is completely stripped, thoroughly cleaned, we then inspect the scrolls for any damage.
Casings are further cleaned in a ultra sonic bath, before being glass bead blasted for a standard factory finish. We then re-clean in the ultra sonic bath before a hand clean to ensure there is no dirt or debris remaining.
Casings are then painted silver or black with aluminium enamel paints.

All bearings are replaced with high quality bearings, held in with new circlips, Viton oil seals are fitted. High quality Beige or Grey apex strips are fitted as required by your charger, these are lubricated in the correct Kluber grease to keep them in top health as are the oil seals. We then re-build the charger using new stainless steel bolts to keep it looking good until it's next re-build.

Our rebuilds are covered by a parts warranty for 6 months.

We have done hours of research and testing to find, fit and supply the best available bearings for your supercharger. We have changed the casing bearings to use polyamide roller ball casings to prevent vibration at high speeds and reduce costs. Our apex strips are sourced from VW's original supplier to the highest specification available. We only use Viton oil seals that we have tested in various sizes to find the best fit and prevent oil leaks as much as possible. We have also sourced the correct type of Kluber grease to lubricate your apex strips, we found many other suppliers selling the wrong type of Kluber grease that could cause premature wear or even damaged to the supercharger internals.

Intermediate Shaft Porting

This service includes the Standard Rebuild but we open up the air channel running to the intermediate shaft that is blocked off on standard chargers. The intermediate shafts bearings are sealed and not oil fed like the bearings running on the main shaft, this means they are affected more by heat and over time age quicker, opening this channel aids in keeping them cool and prolonging their lifespan.

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