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Air Line Cutter

Air Line Cutter The perfect tool to help with any air installation, professional or DIY Ensure your lines are cut perfectly straight so there's no chance of leaks or kinked lines Note:Colour of product may vary due to supplier changes.  Designed...
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AirLift 23" Leader Line - 1/8" NPT

23" Leader Line are typically used as a more durable way to connect air line to the front bags within the wheel well. The 23 inch leader line do not come with PTC fittings so you will need to pick up a couple of the PTC Push To Connect - Female...

Bag Riders

Black Metal - Allen Key Air Tank Plugs

£2.10 - £6.20
Allen Key Air Tank Plugs These Allen key plugs allow flush fitment for Air Tank ports. Work extremely well with the Speciality Suspension Seamless Tank:


Blacked AirLift Manifold Airline Support

When mounting your manifold in a tight spot, routing of the airlines can cause leaks if the lines don't run smoothly into your manifold. The air line holder from Blacked, for both the AirLift V2 & 3P/3H manifolds cures this problem.Simply slide over...


Blacked PTC Fitting Clip - Pack of 10

Having issues getting your airlines to seal in the PTC fittings? These fitting clips click between the fitting & the grey locking collar on SMC fittings. Holding out the grey collar, which keeps the teeth engaged in the line & securing it tightly...
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Male Air Tool Coupler

Since you already have a tank full of compressed air, you might as well run air tools off of it right? Use this female air tool plug as a quick connection so you can get the job done! 1/4" Male NPT ***Product photo is for reference only. Our...

Mead Dump Muffler

£18.70 - £24.00
Dump mufflers are used on the exhaust ports of valves and manifolds to help quiet things down when airing out. Mead Dump Muffler are sold individually.  Available in:  1/4" PTC - NEW! 3/8" PTC