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We have realised over the years of running OCD that we were missing something - a "self-serv" FAQ page to help with all those niggley wonders and questions relating to all things Air Ride! We pride ourselves on being honest, clear and an overall approachable shop to come to with all manner of questions and queries!

We have therefore collated a bunch of previously asked common questions, popular myths and all those handy tips and tricks from the depths of our Tech's brains! All for our customers and website visitors to enjoy and refer to - All with the view of helping those in this community with us. 

We are fully aware that most of our audience and those new to the market are totally overwhelmed with what is on the market and generally what it all means!

We're here to share what we know and all of our advice with you all, to quietly guide you to a corner of great reading material, which we hope will answer all of your wonders!

This is for all the questions you might be afraid to ask us or even just simply just to avoid you ordering the wrong size fitting for example. Either way, we hope the content of this page will help anyone and everyone in some way for the better!

Simply click through the pages to read through the various Q&As, tech advice, walk-through guides and our new "Ask the Tech" pages to become an Air Suspension Wizard!

If whilst wading through the information provided, there is anything you think we need to add to these pages, please use our Contact Page to let us know - we aim to grow this side of our site as we go along, so please let us know if there's anything you think we can add/take away or anything you think that would help others too! Even to submit a question to our techs! We're all in this together!  

These sections are still technically "Under Construction", so please also bare with us whilst these pages are put together by our website staff - Thank you and Enjoy! 



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Here we discuss what Air Suspension actually is! The page has a full write-up on the market, what to shop for and what to make sure you ask for in your quotes. We also discuss tips when looking in to any second hand kits and any common questions overall. We like to think we have created a rookie bible with this page and will hopefully give you support in your modification, wherever you get your kits from!



This was a long time coming from our experts! We created this write-up with a view of answering all the burning questions from our customers and help those who are new to the market! This page goes through all the different brands that you may see on our website and the pros/cons of each kit. It also explains what spec the kits offer and what you will get for your money! Worth the read if you are looking in to upgrading your suspension.



This page is similar to the above, but focuses solely on the Air Management side of the parts you will need. Again, this page walks you through what the differences are between the products and brands themselves that we offer on our website and quotes. This allows you to review all spec and features each product offers, to help you find the perfect set-up for your project and budget! 


We decided to share the common questions we get from our customers and public in regards to all things Air Suspension. This includes FAQs in relation to both the suspension and the management, as well as other common issues you may face as part of the servicing/upkeep of the upgraded suspension. This is well worth the read if you have had your suspension for a while and may be looking in to why you have a leak, a noise or just wanting to drain your tank! 



We get LOADS of questions from you regarding the wizardry of fittings! This is where the mind boggles for most owners of Air Suspension, as this isn't something you would come in to contact with normally. So we are here to give the best explanation of the fittings range and what it all means as we can! If you're looking for what size you need, the difference between NPT and PTC or just interested in learning more about what you've got, clink on the link to get your own fitting wizard status! 



For all the other areas of common questions and enquiries we get, we decided to share our expertise, advice and solutions that we find we regularly see across the market! This shares information about how to clean and service your suspension properly to how to check for errors in the set-up. 



This is a direct link to a PDF guide of most of the subjects discussed in the links above. This is a great all rounder for those new to the scene of Air Suspension and walks you through the brands and kits we offer. Fully explaining the differences, any advantages/disadvantages to the products and what we recommend! There is a great feature of the varying levels of boot installs you can opt for, as well as our Credit Packages on offer. We created this downloadable version to stay eco-friendly by saving on printing thousands of copies of it for our trade shows and created this with a QR code instead! Stay green folks!