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Air Lift 3H Sensor Harness

Air Lift's 3H sensor harness is split up into four sections. Be sure to choose the correct location of the harness you are replacing since the front harnesses are longer than the rear harnesses. NB. We cannot ensure all replacement parts will be in...
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Air Lift 3P / 3H Second Compressor Harness


Air Lift 3P / 3H Second Compressor Harness

The standard wiring harness that comes with Air Lift’s 3P and 3H systems is only capable of providing power to a single compressor. This Air Lift 3H / 3P Second Compressor Harness allows you to add a second compressor to your system. Wiring is a...


Blacked AirLift Manifold Airline Support

When mounting your manifold in a tight spot, routing of the airlines can cause leaks if the lines don't run smoothly into your manifold. The air line holder from Blacked, for both the AirLift V2 & 3P/3H manifolds cures this problem.Simply slide over...


Blacked AirLift Manifold Mount

Blacked have brought a stylish way of mounting your AirLift 3P/3H or V2 manifold to the market. Remove the headache of trying to fabricate your own mount & pick up this easy to use mount.It offers M6 mounting holes to secure the manifold & M10...


Air Lift Performance 3P/3H Manifold Unit (PTC & NPT)

Air Lift's 3H and 3P systems have a great warranty against manufacturer defects but if you somehow damage your manifold / ECU in a way that isn't covered under warranty, you'll have to purchase a new unit. This replacement manifold / ECU works with...

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OCD Universal Height Level Sensor Brackets - Pair

OCD Universal Height Level Sensor Brackets - Pair These universal sensor brackets are designed to make life alot easier when installing height sensors These can be cut down, bent to give the perfect angle to mount the sensor in tight spaces Designed...