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VAG Mk4 FWD BAGS by OCD Suspension Pack

BAGS By OnlyChargedDubs Fits:Volkswagen & Audi Group Mk4 Platform BAGS By OCD is our own brand.and exclusive to Only Charged Dubs. This range has been designed to be a higher quality of the BAG over Coilover adaption. We combine our BAGS to BC...


VAG MK4 FWD BAGS by OCD Conversion Pack For BC Racing

BAGS by OCD Conversion Pack All ready running BC Racing coilovers? Our BAGS Conversion Pack has all you need to convert to full Air Suspension.  Retain your BC Racing characteristics while adding the adjust ability of air ride. This kit gives you...
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Only Charged Dubs

OCD Mk4/5/6 XL Slam Camber Top Mounts

OCD Mk4/5 XL Slam Camber Top Mounts If you are looking to camber the front of your wheel setup but your running Air Lift XL Slam Series struts which do not feature any camber alignment option like what you would get from the Air Lift Performance Series...