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AccuAir SwitchSpeed System

SWITCHSPEED CONTROLLER (AA-SS) The SwitchSpeed™ Controller offers all of the standard functions that you’ve come to expect from a traditional switchbox, but that is where the similarities stop. AccuAir’s proprietary Advanced...


AirLift Performance 3P System

£1,200.00 - £1,250.00
The 3P from Air Lift Performance is a pressure based management that features 5 user-programmable pressure presets and individual, four corner, air spring control. The 3P’s wired digital controller displays all four bag pressures as well as the...


AirLift Performance 3H System

£1,550.00 - £1,600.00
The 3H from Air Lift Performance is both a height and pressure based management that features 5 preset heights and individual four corner air spring control. The height based sensors give the system the ability to automatically and accurately re-level...


KNTRL Touchscreen System

KNTRL Touchscreen Management System The newest air management system on the market, exclusive to Only Charged Dubs in the UK.KNTRL uses a pressure preset control, with full 4 corner operation. Sensitive touchscreen controller brings a sleek design with...


DropX OEM Air Suspension Drop Box

£260.00 - £335.00
Looking to retain your vehicles OEM air suspension & control management system whilst being able to have that ground hugging stance?Look no further than the Null-Bar DropX drop box.... Connecting to the vehicles 4mm or 6mm air lines this controller...