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AirLift Performance 3P Management Package

Air Lift 3P Management Details & Features: The Air Lift Performance 3P System is a pressure based management that features 5 user-programmable pressure presets and individual, four corner, air spring control. The 3P’s wired digital...


AirLift Performance 3H Management Package

Air Lift 3H Management Details & Features The 3H from Air Lift Performance is both a height and pressure based management that features 5 preset heights and individual four corner air spring control. The height based sensors give the system the...


KNTRL Touchscreen Management Package

KNTRL Touchscreen Management Package The newest air management system on the market, exclusive to Only Charged Dubs in the UK.KNTRL uses a pressure preset control, with full 4 corner operation. Sensitive touchscreen controller brings a sleek design with...

Level Ride

Level Ride Pressure Management Pack

Level Ride Pressure Management Details & Features: Level Ride Pressure Management features 4 preset ride settings - Air Out - Low - Ride Height - Lift. As well as full, individual 4 corner manual control & individual axle lift & drop...

Bag Riders

BagRiders 4 Way Manual Management (Paddle Valve) Package

BagRiders 4 Way Manual Management (Paddle Valve) Package The Bag Riders Manual Air Management is one of the most reliable air management options for your car due to its simple design and lack of electrical or digital components. The heart and namesake...