AccuAir x Arnott - What's going on? Pre-Order!!!

AccuAir are back? Who is Arnott? Should I be excited?...

Yeah, AccuAir is back!!! Woohoo...
Arnott Industries are a large company based out of Florida, USA. They produce & manufacture aftermarket OEM air suspension, so replacement airbags for Tesla's, A8's etc.
Damn right you should be excited, with Arnott buying the asset's of AccuAir it brings back their product range!

When AccuAir closed in April '20 they left behind excited customers who had just received their new e+ ECU's, with the brand new bluetooth app due to release soon. The doors closed & it all stopped. Check out our blog post for the news on that

But through the summer of 2020 Arnott took ownership of AccuAir, brought together a group of the old staff we worked with through the old AccuAir. Meaning it's almost like they never left.
They set about finalising the long awaited eLevel+ app & it released early 2021. Allowing existing customers to update their new ECU's.

We are back working with the AccuAir guys & the product range they have brought back is all available online for pre-order! We expect stock to be ready to ship during April, but we also expect it to sell quickly, so get in early to be the first to receive the AccuAir goodness!!!

The product range is smaller than it was, with some of the troublesome products left behind for the time, but the main products we know & love are back, here's what we have available to pre-order - 

AccuAir eLevel+ Air Management Pack

AccuAir e+Connect Air Management Pack

AccuAir eLevel+ System

AccuAir e+Connect System

AccuAir eLevel+ ECU Upgrade

AccuAir eLevel+ Height Upgrade

AccuAir ENDO-T 3 Gallon Raw

AccuAir ENDO-T 5 Gallon Raw

AccuAir ENDO-VT 3 Gallon Raw

AccuAir ENDO-VT 5 Gallon Raw

It feels amazing to be able to bring AccuAir products back for our customers, to use on our demo vehicles & allow us to install their always reliable air management systems. We have always been huge fans of AccuAir here at OCD & we hope to keep the exciting news keep your eyes peeled to our social pages.

For any assistance with ordering, please don't hesitate to email us -
Also check out the new AccuAir FAQ's for more info

Thanks again!